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How to set up a secure wireless network?

Hi, i have an WRT54G wirless router, and everything seems to be ok, my computers can connect to internet. The problem now is that my network is a public network, and i don't want everybody connecting to it, so how can i limite the access only to my computers? The network consists in the following: a laptop with windows vista (wireless), a couple of desktop pc's with windows xp (wired), and a Mac powerbook with Os X installed (wired and wireless), can anybody help me?? Thanks a lot.Smiley Happy
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Re: How to set up a secure wireless network?

Search on the Linksys support pages for instructions how to setup wireless security on a router.

You have to configure at

You must change the default router password from "admin" on the Administration tab.
You must change the default network name from "linksys" to something unique on the Wireless tab.
You must setup WPA2 encryption on the wireless security tab with a strong preshared key.

Then setup all clients with WPA2 and the same key.

For further details look in the manual (you can download it from the linksys downloads site and it is on the CD), read the support pages of linksys for several FAQ articles on this topic or use your favorite search engine.

If you run into problems, post again...