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How to setup WRT54G2?



I am about to setup my new WRT54G2, but I am having some trouble here.


I don't get internet via ethernet, but via Wi-Fi from another router. I want to setup my WRT54G2 so that I can forward internet to my laptop with it, hook up my server and squeezebox and have them interacting.


My main problem is the fact that when I run the setup the program asks me to insert the "internet cable", but I don't have any and then the the machine just won't find the router on step 4/4.



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Re: How to setup WRT54G2?

For the Initial Setup you need to Hardwire you computer to the router, so when you run the setup disk it can recognize your router.As you are trying to configure your router for the first time you need to Physicaly connected Modem to Router Internet port and Computer to Router on Port no.1 on linksys router and after this run the setup disk and follow the instructions.