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Http/1.1 Bad Request error router problem?

I have a Linksys WRT54GL router with stock firmware.  I have a laptop (wireless) and a desktop(wired) connected to the router.  Both computers are running dual boot with XP and Linux.  It seems like ever since I got this router, about a month ago, I can't get Ebay to work correctly.  I can get to ebay fine, but when I try to click on an item, I get a "Http/1.1 Bad Request" error and the page doesn't load.  I get errors on both computers, both OS's and in Internet Explorer and Firefox.  I connected to my neighbor's wireless network and Ebay worked fine.  So is this a router problem or a ISP problem?  I have at&t DSL.  What can I begin to look at in the router to fix this?  I have tried disabling the firewall.  Thanks.


All other sites work fine, just seems to be Ebay for some reason.