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ICMP Error with 2nd XBOX 360

I have two xbox 360's connected to my WRT610N router. Everything worked fine up until the point that I updated my firmware to the latest release a few days ago. Now, on my second 360, I continue to receive the error:

"Your console can connect to Xbox LIVE, but your router or gateway isn't properly responding to ICMP responses"


My original 360 still connect to Live without an issue. I have the following settings on my router for connecting to Live:

1. Under Port Range Triggering, I have two entries to forward ports 88 and 3074.

2. Under QOS, I have an internet access priorty application setup for live that has a priority of High for ports 88 and 3074.


Before I upgraded my firmware, setting number one was not necessary. If I disable the first setting now, my original 360 gets a strict or moderate NAT.


If you have any ideas or recommendations for settings, I would be happy to try them out. I would also happily downgrade back to the original firmware if someone could point me to that version somewhere.

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Re: ICMP Error with 2nd XBOX 360

Since you have connected 2 XBOX 360 to your Routers, and you have already done Port Triggering for your XBOX on your Router, If your 2nd XBOX is not getting connected to your Router i think you need to do DMZ on your Router for your XBOX and give a static Ip to your XBOX and after this Test the Connection on your XBOX it should work.