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Installation CD download needed for WRT54GL

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Hi guys.
I'm new here, but bla, I'll skip the intro as I need help on something more important.

Currently, I've bought a new home PC, and I wanted to connect a wireless connection, but found out that i lost the Installation CD to my Wirelss -G Broadband Router WRT54GL.
Is it possible for someone to send me the required files that is needed to Install the router?
I've mailed Linksys 5 mins ago, have to wait for their reply, but meanwhile, I'll like to try and get it over here. Thanks.

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Re: Installation CD download needed for WRT54GL

you may still configure the router without the setup CD. the router has a web interface that you can access and configure the proper settings from there. you may found out more on this by logging on to the knowledge base at
I do know everything, just not all at once. It's a virtual memory problem.