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Intermittent/low signal from my wireless router

I am getting an intermittent or low signal strength on my wireless router WPC11 v.4.  Web pages are taking forever to load or do not load at all.  I believe this to be a router problem because a) when i connect right to my cable modem with a network cable (bypassing the router) I seem to be ok; b) if I go back thru the router but connect a netwrork cable from the router to my laptop, I seem to be ok; c) I sometimes see 5.5 or 2.0 Mbps instead of the normal 11.0.  On my router, the power, wireless-b lights are lit.  The Internet light continuously blinks rapidly.


Is there something wrong with my router?  Could it be the antennaes?  I have had this router for a few years now.  Some other problem?  I am not very technical so I hope I have described the problem as best I could in order to get some help.  Can someone please help me diagnose and resolve?  is there more info I can provide?

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Re: Intermittent/low signal from my wireless router

You need to upgrade the firmware of your router, reset and re-configure it...Download the Firmware of your router from here , after downloading the firmware follow these steps to upgrade the firmware on the device: - Open
an Internet Explorer browser page.In the address bar type -
Leave username blank & in password use admin...

When the router’s web-based setup page appears, click Help then Upgrade Firmware.When the Upgrade Firmware opens, click Browse and browse to the location where the firmware files were extracted and select the .bin file. When the file is selected, click Open and then click on Upgrade When the upgrade is complete click Continue...


After that Reset your router :

1. Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.
2. Then, unplug the power keep holding down the reset button for
another 30 Seconds.
3. Plug back the power back in, and keep holding down the reset button
for 30 Seconds.
4. Release the reset button.


Then re-configure your router...Click here