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Internet keeps going on/off on laptop

  I have a Wrt54g, I have a pc thats wired to it and an xbox360 thats wireless, no problems there but my laptop can't connect, it tells me I am connected but I still can't access the internet, or it access the internet and 2minutes later it stops, I have been trying to fix this problem for a month with no success, my wife threw the laptop accross the room this weekend in utter frustration, can anybody help me out before she throws it at a moving car or even worse me..
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Re: Internet keeps going on/off on laptop

You need to ensure that you have installed the wireless adapter correctly, then when you get connected to network, type the following command and then ensure it shows correct IP, netmask, gateway and DNS info. Also try to ping the gateway IP (this should be the router's LAN IP)

ipconfig /all

If it doesn't show correct info, then you might need to assign the network info (IP, netmask, gateway, etc) manually on wireless adapter.

If you can ping the gateway IP, then use nslookup to resolve the domain name, see whether it works. If it fails to resolve domain name, then try to assign following free DNS servers from OpenDNS:

After that try again...

Hope helps..
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Re: Internet keeps going on/off on laptop

Hey what you need to do is check-out on the right-hand side bottom of the screen you will see the wireless network connection icon...right click it click properties>>>click view available wireless networks>>>>you will be able to see your wireless CONNECT...if its a secured network it will ask for the security key...put it click will be CONNECTED.