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Intra networks VPN issue

My office has a router at 66.134.##.## that I access using VPN. The other side of this router has 192.168.1.## addresses that I cannot change.
At home I have a Speedstream 5100-b DSL modem that typically has an IP address of 66.98.##.## on the ISP side and always has a fixed IP address of on my home network side.
Recently I purchased a WRT350N router, but I cannot get it to work (wired) like my prior WRT54GS router (wired) or my more prior BEFVP41 router.
A problem always has always been that I could not access my work network if my home system used 192.168.##.## addresses, apparently because of some kind of network segment conflict. With my older routers I kludged around this by setting the router IP address to and letting the router's auto DHCP function assign 10.1.1.## addresses to my home network systems. My home systems could then "see" the DSL modem and the internet just fine, and I could access my work network.
The problem now is that I still cannot access my work network if the WRT350N router assigns an 192.168.##.## address with DHCP, and if it is set to assign an 10.1.1.## adderss the DSL modem and the Internet are not accessable.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Intra networks VPN issue

hi , i do not see a reason as to why the internet should not work when u ask the DHCP to assign IP of 10.1.1.XXX......just one question here......
suppose the IP of the router is and the DHCP is then assigning IP's in the range of 192.168.1.x....right now the internet works just fine....
now u change the IP of the router to DHCP should then assign 10.1.1.x to the clients.....but u say that now there is no internet nor can u assess the setup .....right ????
here's the question.....once u change the IP from 192.168.1.x to 10.1.1.x u restart your PC after doing so ???? try that and check if u are able to access the internet.....also ensure that u do not have any static IP assigned to your PC.
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Re: Intra networks VPN issue

First, it seems to me as if your DSL modem is a router, too. You are running two routers in chain. That is not really a good idea. It usually makes things more complicated.

I would suggest one of these two options in this case:

1. set the DSL modem to bridge mode. In that mode it works like a normal modem, i.e. this disables the router in the DSL modem. Then setup the WRT to connect to your ISP (probably using PPPoE for which you need the username and password).

2. leave the DSL modem in router mode. Use the WRT only as access point. Basically turn of the DHCP server on the WRT and hook it up through a LAN port instead of the internet port. Assign the WRT a IP address in your DSL router LAN, e.g. but make sure that the DSL modem does not use this IP address

I would recommend 1.

Moreover, the LAN IP network on both sides must be distinct. If your office runs you cannot run your LAN on the same network. Routing would be impossible because the computer cannot determine if an address belongs to your network or the connected office network.