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Is WMM a problem?

My network consists of a Westel C90-610030-06 DSL modem, Cisco E2500 router and Hawking HWREN100 range extender.

My wife has trouble with her IPad connecting to the Hawking.

Apple says I need to Disable WMM on the E2500. I dont know how to do that.

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Re: Is WMM a problem?

The WMM is not just an option with Linksys routers. This is as per WIFI Alliance Certification for 11n Specifications. Other brands/make and models also have this option. With what I have experienced, WMM is not a problem if you are not going to prioritize a device over the others.  I found this article and I hope this will help explain what WMM is.


You will find WMM in the E2500 by going to the router interface and clicking on  Applications and Gaming tab and click on QoS (subtab). There you will find WMM Support and you can choose to either enable or disable it.





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Re: Is WMM a problem?

Thanks, I'll disable it and see what happens.