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Is WRT1900AC power supply 110v only?

For those who have this does it say "110v" or "110-240v" on the power brick?


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Re: Is WRT1900AC power supply 110v only?

It is a standard 100-240V switching power supply.



I can't think of the last time I saw one that didn't support all AC voltages.


However, what is really, really stupid, bordering on asinine, is the length of the removable power cable from the supply to the wall socket. It's less than 21 inches (~52cm). Seriously, it's completely useless. I had to use a power cable from something else I had laying around so it would, combined with the permanently attached cable that plugs into the router, reach to the top of the bookshelf that I have the router on (for the best wireless range) from the wall socket.


The power cable barely reaches to the ground from the wall socket, it's that short.