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KINDLE FIRE unable to connect to secure WPA2 personal network via WRT 54G router

I have kindle fire that is unable to connect to the wireless network.

All otehr devices windows phone, xbox and laptop are able to connect seamlessly.


Amazon also sent me a replacement, but the issue is still the same.

The error is

"Unable to connect to the selected access point, Please check the password you provided."


Also, I removed the security on the network to see if its able to connect without password.

The state where it fails is Obtaining IP address and it fails again.



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Re: KINDLE FIRE unable to connect to secure WPA2 personal network via WRT 54G router

Check the router (log into the administration pages) to ensure you  have not enabled the MAC Address Restriction feature in the Wireless settings. When enabled it will only allow those wireless devices who's MAC address's are listed and checked to pass. Another item to check is the Wireless Algorithm used. Try using TKIP+AES. I had one wireless device that wouldn't connect until I configured the algorithm for TKIP+AES. Another item to check is the number of client computers allowed under the DHCP section on the Basic Administration page. People sometimes lower the number of DHCP clients to the number of computers/devices on their network which may prevent new devices from obtaining a DHCP address from the router.


Another suggestion is the reset the router by holding in the Reset button on the back of the router for at least 30 seconds whlle the router is powered on. Then log into the router and reconfigure, if needed, the router settings for your broadband connection, then see if the Kindle can connect wirelessly.