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Laptop receives signal from router, but cannot connect to internet

I have my router hooked into my home desktop via dsl modem and the internet works fine on the desktop. My laptop receives the signal and connects to it, however when I attempt to use the internet, nothing happens. I have done all the resets and downlaoded the newest version of firmware.


Any solutions? 

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Re: Laptop receives signal from router, but cannot connect to internet

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Make sure that you can connect to the Internet when your Laptop/desktop is connected straight to the router using an Ethernet Cable...If it does not connect to Internet then you need to configure your router...


If it connects to the Internet, then make sure your Wireless Connection is set to 'Obtain IP Address Automatically'...

lick on the Start button >>> Settings >>> Control Panel >>>Network Connections- Right click on the icon for Wireless Network Connection and go to properties- On the 'General' tab select 'Internet Protocol TCP/IP' and click on the Properties button- Select 'Obtain IP Address Automatically' and 'Obtain DNS Automatically' and click on Ok button to Save and Click on "Close" on main Properties window...


Now check the IP Address on your computer - Click Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Command Prompt...A black box will appear(Command Prompt)...In the Command Prompt window type ipconfig and press 'Enter'...Look for Wireless Network Connection IP Address , Subnet Mask and Default Gateway...

IP Address should be 192.168.1.x, Subnet Mask :, Default Gateway : (assuming your router is

If you get the above mentioned IP Address, Subnet and Gateway Address then you should ping the Gateway, type ping and press Enter...If it gives you request timed out then disable any firewalls, security softwares on the computer...

If you get 4 replies then type ping and press Enter, if you get request timed out, then you need to upgrade your router's firmware...If you get 4 replies then type ping and press Enter...If you get replies for Yahoo then you should get the Internet after adjusting the browser settings...

Adjusting Browser Settings : Open an IE, click Tools >> Internet Options, then delete all files, cookies, history, forms...Goto "Connections", make sure Never Dial a Connection is checked, click on LAN Settings and make sure all the options are unchecked...Once you are done click on O.k...Close the IE and re-open it...

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