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Laptop will not accept my WEP key

Hi, My router is finally hooked up.   But I can't connect my daughters new Dell( Vista) to it.  I have no idea what i am doing but it previously accepted the WEP key and now every time i enter it ,it says it is not correct. This happened after i unplugged my modem to try and solve all of these connectivity problems.  My LAN ip is     My router ip is    Both of the network cards are working.  I have upgraded the firmware.  I did a network diagnostics for Windows Xp ( my desk computer). I am at my wit's end.. I know i am technically challenged but i have spent over 12 hrs. , over 3 days just trying to be able to use 2 computers in the same house.  It just can't be that difficult.     Help!
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Re: Laptop will not accept my WEP key

your desktop pc, is it already working wired to the linksys rtr?
if yes, then check the wireless settings on your router. on your desktop, access the router's set-up page on your web browser ( (no user name, admin is the password) then go to the wireless tab. take note of the channel, ssid, and the security mode (under the wireless security sub tab)
then on your laptop, remove the networks/profiles
  >>>>on vista, just got to network and sharing center, then go to manage wireless networks, remove all the networks there then try to connect to your network again..
hope it works..
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Re: Laptop will not accept my WEP key

If you are using Ip on the Laptop .... & router is using ...then you need to make sure that you are connecting to correct network or not ....
because what ever router is working on ..... other devices connected to it will take the same Ip range ....
Access router setup page & click wireless .... see if the network name & wireless key is changed or not ....