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Laptop won't recognize cable modem and router

I just replaced one of the PC's on my network with a laptop.  Now both PC's on the network are wireless.  The new laptop's adapter card recognized the network immediately and the wireless connection was a snap.  It works fine as a wireless device.  The problem is that now I can't seem to introduce the cable modem software to the laptop so that the laptop will work in a wired capacity through the router if needed for things like upgrading firmware.  When I try to install the software I get an error message saying I have no internet coonection.  I really would like to have one of the PC's wired as needed, but the other one on the network won't do because of its location.  Any thoughts?
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Re: Laptop won't recognize cable modem and router

Well for wired connection from router, no software is required. If are trying to install the modem software then you will have to bypass router and then install that software. After installing connect router back for wireless connection