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Latest firmware for WRT350N ver 2

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I am trying to get the latest firmware for the WRT350N ver 2 (australia) current V2.00.17, the Linksys website only shows ver 1 can anybody tell me where I can find this software.
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Re: Latest firmware for WRT350N ver 2

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I did some looking around and I found a few sites that you can download ver 1.0 but no ver 2.0, The ver 2 firmware my have been pulled and will not be released but I maybe wrong.


If you do find a ver 2.0 I would be careful, You don't wanna mess up your router.


GoodLuck :\

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Re: Latest firmware for WRT350N ver 2

Yes, you are right, the website does not give you an option for WRT350N V2 model of Linksys Router's, it just gives V1...Maybe you can check after a couple of days and you should be able to find firmware for V2 router's as well...


However, if you are not facing any problems with your router with the existing firmware you should not go for the upgrade...Remember 'If it ain't broke don't fix it'.