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Lease expires?

When I set up my Wireless G Broadband Router, it worked fine for exactly one day. After that, I couldn't connect to the internet on either my main computer or my laptop, but no one had touched anything that would have made it stop working. It says in my network connection details that the lease expires exactly 24 hours from when I set up my connection. I reinstalled the router, and the same thing happened. Do any of you know how to make the one day lease go away? Or do I have to reload this entire thing every 24 hours...?
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Re: Lease expires?

Hi , the only option that you have here is to upgrade the firmware of the router. Personally i have not come across the DHCP acting up and can't think of anything specific that may be causing this.
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Re: Lease expires?

What is the model number and version number of your router?
You may find the model number just like below...