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Linking my Samsung Tablet



I seem to have a problem, linking my Samsung Tab to linksys router. When ever I secury my network, the tab cannot connect to the wireless system. When I unprotect the system, it's OK. I understand that I have to 'announce' my tab to the router, however when I use to option "register new device' the program asks me to connect the device with a TCP connect. The tablet doesn't have  this: so question is: how can I solve my problem, I don't want to stay in unprotected mode as I also want to use my wireless connection.


thanks for any reply..

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Re: Linking my Samsung Tablet

Let me know the model number of the router? Does any other wireless devices gets connect wirelessly when secured? Try the following step:


# Launch the web browser and on the address bar type So that will open up the Router setup page...

# Click on the Wireless tab create a wireless network name SSID and change Channel width to 20 MHz only and change the Channel to 6, 9, 11...Save the settings..

# Click on wireless security and select the security mode as WPA and create a password according to the requirement...


Then check the connectivity status..

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Re: Linking my Samsung Tablet

What is the wireless settings of your router?

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Re: Linking my Samsung Tablet

I solved the problem by obtaining the MAC address of the Tablet.  It is found under Settings, About Device, then Status.  Write down the MAC address.

Then go to your router settings.  On my Linksys router I went to the Wireless tab  then Wireless MAC filter.  Add the Tablets MAC address to client list.


Once I did that my Galaxy tablet immediately connected.