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Linksys Cisco VPN Client connection drops

I have a Linksys BEFVP41 V2. I have a PC running Windows XP SP2 with Cisco VPN client I have this problem where I log into the VPN client with my employer network. It seems to be ok. No problem doing working, hitting their proxy server, etc. All of the sudden, the connection drops. It appears to "freeze" the network. No surfing, no putty. It can happen 5 mins after connection or 3 hours later. I must disconnect the VPN connection and then reconnect. What could be the problem???? My MTU is set at 1432. Windows firewall has exceptions for ports 10000, 4500, and 62515. I have a network set up at 172.20.x.x...not the default or a typical 10.x.x.x network. Firmware is 1.01.04 on the router.
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Re: Linksys Cisco VPN Client connection drops

Try this fix -- it works about 75% of the time (for linksys users with Cisco VPN problems):
Even if you don't have the identical configuration mentioned, the fix frequently works.