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Linksys E1200 and Nintendo 3DS internet connection

Hi everyone,


I recently was able to obtain my son's Nintendo 3DS from him and now I can't figure out how to get on the internet browser with it!! He was able to figure it out easily and I don't know how he did it. When I open up the internet on his 3DS and when I try to access anything it says communication error even though I have a full signal.  It also says that the "error code is: 012-1018 Connection to proxy server failed. Please check that your proxy server settings are correct." I have went in and tried to change the proxy server settings and if I do I lose the internet connection despite the fact that the correct information is set in place.  


I even tried to reset the router (as my son did before) but I can't access it, even though he was able to!! I have done research on the Nintendo web site and everything that it says to do I have done and it shows that I have a full signal but after that no luck.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



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Re: Linksys E1200 and Nintendo 3DS internet connection

Is your wifi connection working? Are there other devices connected to the wireless network aside from your nintendo 3DS? Make sure that other devices can browse thru different internet site so that you can make sure that the router is working ok.


Please check this link from the nintendo website regarding the error code that you mentioned. 


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Re: Linksys E1200 and Nintendo 3DS internet connection

Try going into your 3DS's wifi settings and delete the old profile. Create a new one and enter the router's ssid, password, etc. Make sure to enter the correct settings. The password is case sensitive so if you need to enter characters in upper case, tap the shift button first.