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Linksys E1500 router.

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I've recently purchased this router, and right off the bat my wireless is crippled compared to my wired. I normally have a 25-32mbps connection wired, but wireless it's capped at 3-3.5. I've been in three support sessions with Cisco Live Chat and they've come to the conclusion that they'd replace it. However, Is it really necessary to? I've changed channels, channel width, channel type, turned off WMM support.. I'd rather not fill out an RMA form.. (It's also at 1.0.05) <- the firmware.

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Re: Linksys E1500 router.

You've probably exhausted all TS steps with the chat representative from Cisco that is why they declare the product defective. However, if you want to try some more steps, then what you can do is to reset the router and reconfigure it. Change the SSID (network name), set the channel width to 20 mhz only and select  a static channel. I prefer using 1 or 6 or 9 or 11. By the way, the location of the router can also affect the wireless signal being broadcasted. It shouldn't be too close to an electronic device that can cause interference. It shouldn't be too close to your modem as it may cause electronic noise that causes interference. It should be on a higher and open space so that it can broadcast the signal properly.