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Linksys E3000 - error code 82BD0119

Re. Linksys E3000

During installation, the PC suddenly stops at 90%, and writes error code: 82BD0119 with error description: Adapter timeout period for the connection expires. (Netværkskortets timeout-periode for tilknytning udløb).


OS: Windows Vista SP 2nd

What can I do to complete the installation and correct the problem?


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Re: Linksys E3000 - error code 82BD0119


Hey nothing to worry about.....Just try to download the latest version of Cisco Connect software from the Linksys official website or use:


I believe that should sort this out and you will then be able to get your router configured using Cisco Connect software.....

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Re: Linksys E3000 - error code 82BD0119

I seem to be having the same error i would normally attribute the symptoms its portraying to a electrical surge knocing out a essembly but mine was plugged into a expensive surge protector. also your idea of useing the new software doesnt work.

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Re: Linksys E3000 - error code 82BD0119

after looking at all the people talking about this error there is only one commonality (even with myself) the problem seems to arise in vista

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Re: Linksys E3000 - error code 82BD0119

Same to me this problem..


can anyone knows how to fix this problem?/

please anyone?

i need help


thanks   :smileysad:

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Re: Linksys E3000 - error code 82BD0119

Hi, I would suggest to skip using the installation cd and proceed with the manual installation. You can use the links below for ways on how to manually install a router.


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