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Linksys E3400 series

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Im getting confused by the branding and specs for Linksys top of the range series routers..


The new E3400 series seems quite good, but where does it fit in compared to the WRT610N?

Is it any better. as the specs seem quite similar..


For your average laptop user, I don't think they will be able to hit peak bandwidth without buying a usb wireless network card, as most inbuilt wireless N  adapters in laptops are not great..


Will upgrading from a 610 see better/faster network speeds?


Does the E3400 replace the 610N as Linksys flagship router?



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Re: Linksys E3400 series

The specification of E3000 and WRT610N are quite same.

I think Cisco connect software is the only difference. Cisco Connect is a software that allows you to access the Valet or Router settings and its unique features.  Using Cisco Connect, you can view and change the Valet or Linksys Wireless-N Router name and password and set up parental controls where you can restrict Internet access to computer users in your home.  You can also update and create an Easy Setup Key and turn on Safe Web Surfing.

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Re: Linksys E3400 series

If you mean E3000. Try this Getting to know E3000. hope this helps