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Linksys EA 6500 & Linksys SE2800

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I'm quite new to networking, I am buliding an network and would like to know about the compatability of the EA6500 Router and the SE2800 switch such that I can hook up my linux servers such that my windows PCs can access files through SAMBA. Please let me know if there would be any compatability issues. Thanks appreciate the help.

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Re: Linksys EA 6500 & Linksys SE2800

The SE2800 is a plug and play switch. It is not manageable or configurable. This device will typically work with any router. Connecting this device to the EA6500 will make room for more wired devices running on gigabit connections. Since the devices are going to share the same DHCP server (the EA6500), there shouldn't be any issues with file sharing. Check out the articles below for more information about the SE2800.



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