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Linksys EA3500: doesn't show devices



I have a linksys EA3500 router.

All my devices (computers, ipads, iphones, ipod, samsung tablet) are connected to this router, have wifi and internet.

However, when I open Linksys wifi program, I cannot see all these devices.

It shows for example 1 ipad. 

Yesterday I tried to set 1 ipad on elderly permission (to restrict time on wifi), but all ipads got blocked during the blocking hours.

I tried to add a device, but I failed.

Does anybody know what I am doing wrong? Smiley Embarassed




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Re: Linksys EA3500: doesn't show devices

are using the smart wifi firmware or clasic ? 


i'm using Smart wifi firmware and its working and showing all  connected devices Smiley Happy

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Re: Linksys EA3500: doesn't show devices

I am using the website of linksys smart wifi. I also have got the APPS on iPhone and ipad, but it doesn't work properly...
No idea what goed wrong.... 😥
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Re: Linksys EA3500: doesn't show devices

You may need to reset the router back to factory settings by pressing and holding the reset button down for 10 seconds. Try to check also if you only have one iPad showing up on the list and on its details, it shows all the other mac addresses of all iPads that you have. That might be the reason why you cannot set the Parental Controls properly on the router. So, reset the router and turn off your devices except for a wired computer to the router that you will use to set it up again for internet. You go back to the device list and check if the wired computer is showing up and then turn on the other wireless devices one by one and recheck the device list if the devices will come up or show up correctly with their own IP Addresses. After that, add them up to the DHCP Reservation list so that it will not be a problem for you adding them up in Parental Controls.