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Linksys EA6500

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I have today upgraded my WRT160N Router to a EA6500 as I thought this would solve my connectivity problems with some

of the devices in my home network. My Router (EA6500) is wire connected to my broadband modem then wirelessly to my

devices via my PC.

The devices I have connected wirelessly are 1 x Laptop, 2 x Android Cell phones, 1 x Android Tablet and a Wii Console.

The problems I have connecting are mainly with the Android phones and Tablet. My Router (EA6500) is situated approx

12 metres at greatest distance and 1 floor down, approx 3 metres from the devices.

Does this mean I will have to buy an extender in order to get a better signal for all my devices to work.




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Re: Linksys EA6500

Are you connecting those wireless devices to the 2.4 GHz network or the 5 GHz? If you have not tried changing the wireless channel for 2.4 GHz network then do so. The channels that you can try are 1, 3, 6, 9, or 11.

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Re: Linksys EA6500

In my experience with my EA6500, a repeater, usually something connected by ethernet cable in bridge mode if you can works well.
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Re: Linksys EA6500

If you need to extend your wireless network, I would recommend a wireless powerline adapter kit and not a repeater.

I don't understand what you mean in your post when you said "......then wirelessly to my devices via my PC".

Are you using ICS? Might be helpful if you clarified what you mean by "via my PC".

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Re: Linksys EA6500

I have both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz enabled. With both enabled my Android Tablet will only connect

within 10 metres of the Router. If I disable 5GHz  and leave 2.4 GHz enabled I have to move within

8 metres of the Router, but if I enable 5GHz and disable 2.4 GHz I lose connection altogether.

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Re: Linksys EA6500

I have tried putting my EA6500 bridge mode. Now I have lost all access to the Router.

How do I get it back?

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Re: Linksys EA6500

Putting the router on bridge mode is like making the router a switch or a passthough device. In order for you to access the router’s ui then you need to reset the router and then reconfigure its settings. With regard to the distance that the router’s signal would reach, I would suggest that you use a wireless computer to check the router’s performance because you can’t just expect a wireless phone to perform efficiently since their wireless adapter is not as powerful as a laptop’s wireless adapter. Try also to play around with the router’s wireless settings, use this tool: to select the best channel to be assigned on that router. You might also consider getting an extender or a wireless powerline adapter to increase the distance of the signal.

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Re: Linksys EA6500

I got this router and after a few minutes it was up and running. now, not so much. on thr 87th day, it crashed and won't operate properly since. all linksys wants to do is the hard sell, and then blame everyone else except themselves. what i really love is how i get disconnected from chat during a reboot, not getting the same person back online and having to explain all over again from the beginning; that and the 5-10 minutes in between responses.


i've given this company too much business to have them just turn their back on me and do the hard sell for additional tech support on their crappy product. i went from 60-70 mpbs to 1.5 mpbs and now i have to bypass the router to get internet access, which means my wifi is not in use, and i have roughly 18 wifi devices in the house. i bought this particular router at great expense because it was supposed to handle that kind of traffic (not all are hitting the pipe at once, obviously; i am well within their spec'd tolerance levels).


i gave them plenty of warning, and i used to like linksys support and products, but now i'm just done. i spent a lot on this router to not get treated like scum. they have really declined as a company, both in support and quality. i'm tired of the fight - it's no longer worth it. i need a device that is consistent and solid. i need something that works without me having to constantly stay on top of it. it's going back to fry's and i'm getting the asus. it got better reviews on cnet anyway.

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Re: Linksys EA6500

I've had exactly the same type problems with my 6500.  It continuously loses the IPv4 address and may or may not work after reboot.  I tried Asus and Netgear and both were much harder to set up.  The Smart WiFi is the best, bar none despite the quality of the product or service itself.  What I finally ended up doing was going and buying a EA6900 at Best Buy, but made sure I got the 2 year service plan so I could get a free replacement should this Linksys **bleep** out right when the year warranty was up.

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Re: Linksys EA6500

Since starting this discussion I have solved my EA6500 connection problem.

My Internet Service Provider provided me a new Super Hub and can now connect

all my devices without any loss of signal and now I do not need a separate wireless

router. So I now have a redundant Linksys EA6500 wireless router.