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Linksys Router "Time" Problems

I find it a bit appalling that Linksys has failed to allow the manual configuration of the time stored in their routers. It should not be that hard to allow the user to choose between manually setting time or allowing it to be automatically set by way of NTP. There's multiple reasons why you should be able to set the time and no reason you shouldn't be able to do so. I've seen numerous posts of people complaining about inaccurate Day Light Savings adjustments and other problems. I recently just purchased the WRT350N which has the latest firmware. I'm more then happy with it and it has worked great for me. The one problem I do have with it is I have not connected it to a WAN. There is no internet access and therefor there is no way for it to connect to a NTP server. Not everyone will want to use routers just for internet connection sharing, my current setup was to use this for a LAN only. Now when I want to check all my network logs I'm forced to try and guess what date and time something occured because of the router being stuck in the year 1970. Beyond that I have no reliable way to configure any time based policies because of this as well. I hope in future firmware you will take this idea into consideration.