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Linksys WRT110 Wireless Router

I need to setup my Linksys WRT110 wireless router for  wireless use as well as a router between my cable modem and my desktop PC. So far, I cannot find any documentation on how this is done or if it is possible at all. When I called Linksys support they told me it can be done and provided me with a link to the instructions, however, they did not work. Does anyone know if this is possible? I need to setup in order to work from home and I cannot use a wireless connection to my cable modem but I need a router between my desktop PC and my cable modem. Oh, by the way, I have a new HP desktop which is running Windows 7.  I would appreciate any help someone can lend meThank you. SHH



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Re: Linksys WRT110 Wireless Router

From what i read on your post looks like your trying to use your wrt110 as a wireless access point and you want to still use your router near your modem.


To do this what you have to do is disable your wrt110 as a dhcp server since your other router near your is acting as the dhcp server.


So what you do is hook a cable to your wrt110 in port 1. type in in the address bar of your internet explorer.For now this number will get you into the wrt110 until you change it to  under setup you will see 2 areas. Under the ip address type in so this make your wrt110 have this ip address.


Below that you will see DHCP server setting disable this. So your wrt110 will not act as the dhcp server it will act as a wireless access point.


Now if you type in your web brower that will open the configuration screen of the router next to your modem. Which that dchp server setting will be enabled.


So basically from your modem your first router will route the signal from the modem thru the router to the computers hooked to it. then say you run a cable from that router to the wrt110.So basically your just uplinking to the wrt110. only thing is your wrt110 will have to act as a access point instead of a router.


Your main router configuration screen to get into it. you would type in your brower after you setup your wrt110 an disable the dhcp server and set the ip to when you type this number  the 105 number in your browser it will go into the web config screen of the wrt110


So to access the web config screens of both routers they will have different numbers.


1st router by your modem will be

2nd wirless one will be which you changed when you when in and disable it as a dhcp server since your 1st router by your modem acts as the dhcp server.


Hopefully this will help. I know it does get a little confusing been there and done that more then once.  If not call linksys on the phone tell them what products you have and how you want it to work they will walk you thru it.


My setup in my home from my modem it connects to a 4 port router, then from there to a 24 port switch then uplinks with a Power over Ethernet adapter which sends power thru this little adapter over the brown pair in the cable so you dont need a electrical outlet where you put your wireless access point/router. Then from my switch it uplinks with that POE to a Wrt110 upstairs in my home. I know what a pain this can be i've call them more then once to get mine setup and working.





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Re: Linksys WRT110 Wireless Router

If your Internet Service Provider is Cable follow this link

If your Internet Service Provider is DSL follow this link