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Linksys WRT54G, Xbox Live and NAT settings

I have a Wireless network set up using a Linksys WRT54G Wireless router and I am having problems with Xbox Live.
I connect my Xbox to the ethernet port of my laptop via a crossover cable and use my laptops connection to my wireless network to connect to XBOX live via Internet Connection sharing.
Everything works fine except I am having problems playing some people in Pro Evolution Soccer due to (i am told) my NAT settings been set to 3 (strict).
I have tried setting up a static IP address on my XBOX and forwarding ports 88 UDP and 3074 (both) on my Router but NAT remained strict.  I have even tried enabling DMZ but nothing.
I have also disabled Internet Connection Sharing and created a Network bridge so that ICS wasn't acting as a second Router and Port Forwarding again but still no luck.
My cable modem is a Scientific Atlanta Webstar DPX 100. I am not sure if my modem also acts as a router.  But it does have the ability to connect to a computer via USB or Ethernet and you can connect two computers at the same time one via the ethernet and one via USB. Would that make the modem a router?
If the modem i acting as a second router is this why I can't adjust my NAT settings? Is there away round this or would I need to buy a new modem?  
Any ideas how I can fix this problem?