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Linksys WRT54GR and NTL

I've recently purchased a Linksys Rangebooster WRT54GR. I installed the linksys via the CD but fiddled with the security and things went a bit pear shaped so I reset the router and tried setting it up again but this time my computer is refusing to see that any router is attached when I run the CD. The connection was very slow. Can anyone help? If I finally get the set up going how can i secure my home network through the settings? Appreciate any help you can give me. Pulling my hair out.
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Re: Linksys WRT54GR and NTL

Hi… If you are configuring the router with the SETUP CD, then when you reach the wireless section it would show you WIRELESS SSID as ‘Linksys’, change it and then under advance wireless settings it will give you an option to select an encryption, select a proper security type and create a network key. That’s how you secure you network.