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Linksys Wrt54g Wireless Router Signal Not Strong Enough- Router or Laptop Problem?

I use road runner cable internet from time warner. I have a linksys wrt54g wireless router. This was purchased way back in 2006 i think.  I never had a problem with the wifi when i use laptop b/c i'm generally close to the router when i used it.  In our apartment, we have 3 computers. One is a desktop. The other 2 is laptops. One of the laptops we use is in a room very far from my room where the router and desktop computer is located at. The connection for the wireless is pretty bad so you have to go to the living room right next to it to get a better connection if you want to stream a video.  But even when you go on regular sites, the signal is pretty bad.

At first i thought i fixed this problem by upgrading the firmware as i have never did this before ever. I upgraded it to firmware version 4.21.5. At first it seemed like the signal got better from that room but now its as bad as it was before. So you have to go to the other room next to it... living room to use it.

My question is what could be the problem? I put my router on top of my desktop computer tower so it wouldn't be on the table where so many things could block it. Thus its at the highest point i could put the router in my room.


What wireless network mode am i suppose to put it on? I tried G only because i read thats the fastest but it doesn't seem to change anything. Or should i go for B? Or mixed? We only use the laptops for the wireless internet. We don't have any gaming system or stuff like that.

Also what channel should i have it? I have put it on channel 1 and 6 and it doesn't seem to change. Am i suppose to go through every single channel until i can get a fast connection?  Someone said do 1, 6 or 11 only.

So i tried something different.  Well i then brang my laptop to that room and went on the same site as the other computer and went to load the same streaming videos. My laptop however... the connection was faster than the other laptop in that room which is far away from where the desktop/router is at. Basically you can't even stream a video in that room most of the time but my laptop could.


Does that mean that my router isn't the problem since the wireless signal works fine for my laptop there whereas that laptop goes much slower? The thing is once you take that laptop and move it to the next room closer... then the signal is pretty good.



I was going to buy a new router but then when i saw this... I'm thinking its probably that laptop which has a poor wireless connection signal?  The name of that laptop is dell inspiron 15r.

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Re: Linksys Wrt54g Wireless Router Signal Not Strong Enough- Router or Laptop Problem?

The first thing you have to consider when it comes to wireless is the interference. There are many factors affecting a wireless signal especially that you are on a wireless G network through the WRT54G router. Since you updated the router’s firmware, did you reset it afterwards back to factory settings by pressing the reset button for 30 seconds? If you have not then you have to reconfigure your router and start from scratch. It is best also to use Mixed for the wireless network mode. To know if there are other wireless networks in your area running on the same channel you are on, download inSSIDer ( The channels that you have mentioned though are the usual non-overlapping channels. It may be possible that you will use a wireless range extender for the farthest computer to get a better signal on its usual location. Regarding streaming, I think it is best for you to use WPA2 security on the router and use AES for its encryption. Refer to the links below as well for a better idea about wireless issues and how to resolve them:



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Re: Linksys Wrt54g Wireless Router Signal Not Strong Enough- Router or Laptop Problem?

Did you hard reset the router and reconfiugre it from scratch after the firmware upgrade like the instructions state?  I not please do this first.