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Linksys routers and Arris modems

Does anybody know why the Linksys WRT160N modem and Arris TM502G do not play together?


For a while now, I've had my Arris cable modem plugged in to my Linksys router to get internet. It usually works, but every once in stops working and now and no amount of power/cycling, hard resetting, or any other basic measures can get it to work again. Right now it has been out all day, and nothing will get the modem to give the router an IP address.


-The modem always works when I plug it directly to my computer. That's how I've got it right now.

-The router is using default settings, having been hard reset. I've tried cloning my PC's MAC address, but that doesn't work.

-I've power cycled it in every fashion. 

-When I access the router and go to the status tab, it shows for all the IP address. IP release/renew fails to do anything.


Does anybody know just what the problem is between Arris modems an Linksys routers?

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Re: Linksys routers and Arris modems

Lets verify your cable connection is correct by going here.
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Re: Linksys routers and Arris modems

Yes, my cable connections are correct. I've gotten the exact same setup to work in the past, but there's some hidden variable that I can't figure out as to why the modem occationally decides not to talk to the router.
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Re: Linksys routers and Arris modems

Hard-reset the router for 30 seconds and reconfigure the router.Once you do the Mac-Cloning on the router,Power cycle the entire network and check...
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Re: Linksys routers and Arris modems

My WRT300N refuses to get an IP address from my Arris Touchstone modem or the modem refuses to give one.  I used a later model linksys (model number escapes me at the moment) and it aquired a public address immediately. Something incompatible and I haven't figured it out yet.  Has anyone seen this and come up with a solution?
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Re: Linksys routers and Arris modems

does it happen when your DHCP expires ?



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Re: Linksys routers and Arris modems

Mine the same

linksys 320N and Arris

Easy set up, run good for month. Now no wireless(only wire work). Even laptop recognize router name, and wireless signal up and down every second.


I did search in this forum and reset router and set up again and again.....: like this


Channel 11-2.467

Beacon; 50

Frage: 2304

RTS Thes; 2304.......


Power circle.....still no wireless signal(no internet) ONLY WIRE WORK


Please Help help help........