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Linsys WRT54GS2 IP Address Has Changed

For some reason the IP address for my WRT54GS2 has changed on it's own. Instead of the  it's something different so I wasn't able to access my router's setup page. I reset the router and it still wasn't the standard 192. etc. Is this something I should be concerned about? I was able to find out what it was by looking up what the gateway address was. One thing I have been doing is unplugging the router when I'm not using it (per security tips). Could this be what changed it? Lastly can I change it back to the original IP address and if I do what else would I have to do with my computer? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Linsys WRT54GS2 IP Address Has Changed

As far as your Internet connection is working through the router and your network is secured, I don't think there is anything to worry about.

If you want to access the setup page of the router, check the default gateway on the computer which is connected to the router.

Open Internet Explorer and type the default gateway in the address bar and check if you can access the setup page of the router.

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Re: Linsys WRT54GS2 IP Address Has Changed

Thank you Klatch. My connection seems to work fine. Just couldn't figure out how the address of the router could have changed on it's own and as I said if it was something I should be worried about.

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Re: Linsys WRT54GS2 IP Address Has Changed

The IP address of the router does not change on it's own. The default is If it changes then it's either a firmware bug or someone hacked your router.

Which IP address does the router have now?

Is your wireless network secured?
Do you use WPA2 with AES and a strong passphrase?
Did you change the default router password "admin"?
Did you change the default SSID "linksys"?
Did you remove the default SSID "linksys" from all your computers?

Do you check on a wired or wireless connection? If wireless, are you sure you are connected to your router and not somebody else's?
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Re: Linsys WRT54GS2 IP Address Has Changed

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I would like to throw in an internet horror story here. A buddy of mine - bought a router so that he and his wife could use their laptops in the house together. No big deal for a while. Then all the sudden his internet speed went way down - couldn't even watch a YouTube video - random drop outs - nightmare. He thought that the router may be going out - I go out there and the default IP didn't get to the router. I asked if he changed it - he just bought it and plugged it in. I do a hard reset on the router - restoring the factory defaults - reloaded the latest firmware into the router - put a new user name and password - other than the default - and set them up that way. There is an apartment building next to his house - I'm pretty sure that he was hacked - you would be surprised how many people leave the default user name and password in their routers. Or better yet - what people will do to try to break your password - there are people out there that have a lot of time on their hands.Smiley Happy