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Lost My Connection and Can't Get It Back

I'm using a Win7 PC with an E2000 Router.


I was typing along recently when I saw and hear a static electricity discharge from one of my fingers at the lower right of the keyboard.  I immediately lost my wireless connection and cannot get it back.


So I am now connected by wire to the router.


When I run the Linksys install wizard it tells me "No wireless networks were found."  Meanwhile, my other PC, sitting on the same desk, remains connected wirelessly.


Do I have a dead wireless adapter, or is there a way to get my existing system back on line wirelessly so I can get rid of the cable?


Thank you,


Roy Fuchs

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Re: Lost My Connection and Can't Get It Back

As your other computer is still online wireless with the router that means router is working .


The message which you are getting " No Wireless network found " means the wireless switch on the laptop is turned OFF .

Turn On the wireless switch and see if you are able to see the network .