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Lost the wrt54g installer disc

Hi. I lost the setup wizard installer disc and I want to know if there is a way to install the router without the disc. I got the Easy Link Connect , is this all I need? Is there a way to download the installer? Thanks
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Re: Lost the wrt54g installer disc

To configure your router you can open your browser from a wired PC and type in and  hit enter.  A window asking for a user and password should open up and by default the user is left blank (some routers use admin) and the password is admin. That will get you into the routers user interface so you can configure your router.  Since you are at it here is a link for the user guide and latest firmware for your router.
Richard Aichner (Ikester)
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Re: Lost the wrt54g installer disc

I have lost my disc for Linksys wrt54G and need to have a download.

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Re: Lost the wrt54g installer disc

You can set it up manually.

If you have DSL connection follow this link.

For Cable, go here.


Dont forget to visit the Downloads tab of your devices Support page and read the Setup guides.

The Search Function is your friend.... and Google too.

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