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MAC Address vs. IP Address! Need IP address experts!

Hello, I am trying to be able to decide(or almost) my 3rd number in my ip address.


Right now my 3rd number is 110, but this is bad, i would want to have the number 8, or 16, or 24 or 32! This is for a game where the lowest divisible by 8 number is the best to have priority on others.


I am currently changing my MAC Adress thru my Linksys admin center and unplugging my router to change my IP but I have 2 questions:


Is there a correlation between the Mac Address and the Ip adress? Could I know which MAC address would give me a X.X.8.X IP adress??

And is there a limit to my number of IP changes a day? after a few IP Changes, it stops working!




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Re: MAC Address vs. IP Address! Need IP address experts!

What is the model number of your router? MAC addresses are often called the hardware address or physical address. So it's a unique identifier for your network adapters if there is a need for you to do mac filtering or if you need to know what device is using which ip address. If you have set your router ip address to, say, then that is the only device that will assign you an ip address that would start on the range. Although I do not see the logic  why you have to keep on changing your LAN ip address, I believe that there is no limit to the number of times that you can change the ip address of the router.

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Re: MAC Address vs. IP Address! Need IP address experts!

given 192.168.x.y as your router's IP address / your network's IP segment, you can actually choose from 0-254 for x. it's your choice. note though that everything connected to the router would have an IP starting with 192.168.x, whatever your option for x may be.