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Is there someone out there that can tell me two things about this router:


1.  What is the one button in the middle used for?  I push it and it goes from solidly lit to blinking.  I can't tell any difference in performance.  Pushing it again does not change back to the way it was. It seems to go back after a period of time has elapsed.


2.  Since tlhere is only one USB port, does that mean I can only access  one peripheral?  Or can I plug in to an external multi-port USB and access all equipment connected to it?


I would have thought a user's guide would at least cover something as simple as what I'm asking above.  I searched both the user guide on the included CD and on Linksys' website with no luck.  Not one picture could I find that shows what that button is used for?  What I found was lots of  info on how useful the dual simulcast channels are, but nothing about how to actually use or implement them. Right now I have not the foggiest idea which channel I'm on.


Oh, I did try the LiveChat thing.  No useful help.  Just told me to download the user's manual  which appears to be the same as what's on my CD.


 Answers to the above questions will be greatly appreciated.  While the wireless world is new to me, I'm not a PC novice.  I'm amazed I got the wireless internet connection working.



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Straight from the manual on page 3:


Wi-Fi Protected Setup Button If you have

client devices, such as wireless adapters, that

support Wi-Fi Protected Setup, then you can

use Wi-Fi Protected Setup to automatically

configure wireless security for your wireless


To use Wi-Fi Protected Setup, run the Linksys

Easy Link Advisor (LELA) , or refer to the “Wireless

> Basic Wireless Settings” section of “Chapter 3:

Advanced Configuration”.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) LED (Blue/

Amber) The LED flashes blue for two

minutes during the WPS process and lights

up blue when the WPS process is successful.

The LED lights up amber if there is an error

during the Wi‑Fi Protected Setup process. Make

sure the client device supports Wi‑Fi Protected

Setup. Wait until the LED is off, and then try again.

The LED flashes when a Wi‑Fi Protected Setup

session is active. The Router supports one

session at a time. Wait until the LED is solidly lit,

or off before starting the next Wi-Fi Protected

Setup session.

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D13H4rdNL is right, if you press the Middle button on your router, it will automatically secure your Wireless Network with WPA2 Security. If you have any wireless computer at your place then never press that button, i t might make them work offline.


The USB port on your router is ment only for the USB Hard Drive. You can connect the USB Hard Drive to the USB port of your Router and can access that drive from all the computers and you can directly store your Date on  that USB Hard Drive.