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Model WRT160N v2

Ok, just recently setup a router next to my computer so we could hook up the xbox and ps3 in the house wirelessly. It seemed to setup fine and the consoles can go online but my pc which is hooked directly through a cable to the router seems to hang when browsing the internet. Sometimes it's just a matter of hitting the refresh button and a page will load, but sometimes it will time out and get the IE error message that it cant find the site. Again, usually refreshing loads its but sometimes I have to go through the IE connectivity troubleshooter for it to tell me everything is ok and then it loads finely. Even when it does load, the speeds are noticably slower then if I just hook my cable modem directly back into my computer. Thus far the issues seem to center around it's connection to my computer, the consoles are fine.  I have tried te suggestions others have posted like " Open the setup page of router using then put in the
password as admin...all you need to do is do the wireless settings such
as Radio Band Frequency to Standard 20 MHZ frequency,channel to 11.
Also,the advanced wireless settings to Beacon Interval=50,Frag
thres=2306 & Rts thres=2307 & then uncheck a Block Anonymous Internet Requests "

But it still seems to have trouble connecting/staying connected. I also have the current firmware build 11 in stalled on it although I remember someone here mentioning they thought the new firmware might have broken something and they went back to just using the stock ware on a new router

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Re: Model WRT160N v2

I had same problem and updated the firmware. It got worse after that.


I got a 110 and it to experienced same issue. However I came up with a solution which seams to have cleared up 99% of the problems. I have tried Tech support but they have not heard of this problem. I told them they need to look at their forum.


Anyway try this:

Go to the setup page of the router.

At the far left click on Status tab.

Write down the DNS entries.

Now click the Setup tab.

Enter the DNS values here.

Save changes.

I expect this should also work for you. Please respnd back if it worked.

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Re: Model WRT160N v2

Are you reffering to the internet setup portion if you disable DHCP or the network setup portion? Tried them both separately and together but still have connection issues it seems.
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Re: Model WRT160N v2

Try to upgrade the firmware for the router and reset it and reconfigure it.

1. Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.
2. Then, unplug the power keep holding down the reset button for
another 30 Seconds.
3. Plug back the power back in, and keep holding down the reset button
for 30 Seconds.
4. Release the reset button.


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Model WRT160N v2

Is the WRT160N v2 Competible with the X box?


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Re: Model WRT160N v2

it's a  xbox360 and it connects once I set it up with the network information with wpa security. the router has the currently firmware build 11 on it already and I have done the reset/power restart things a few times. i just got tired of it and unplugged it now so i could actually get back to this site and others. the xbox seems to have no issues with it so far, but it doesnt like my computer for some reason
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Re: Model WRT160N v2

A Linksys LIve Chat operator told me yesterday (after I upgraded the firmware on my new WRT610N) that all I had to do was push the reset button for 30 seconds.I the firmware revision date in the EasyLink Advisor.


So, this procedure would appear to excessive?