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Moving Modem and Router

I have a Motorola Modem (Style MIPDSLA) channelling through a Cisco Linksys E1000 router. I have a desktop computer without a wireless card that is connected via ethernet. Due to the location of this desktop computer, the wireless capabilities of the router are limited to a small area and do not carry (likely due to kitchen interference) to the AV room. There is a digital phone connection in that room and I have routed an ethernet cable from that room back to the location of the desktop. I would like to move the modem and router to the AV room and rout the signal back to the desktop along that long ethernet cable. Is there a correct procedure to do so?

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Re: Moving Modem and Router

What do you mean by pocedure? Just connect the Ethernet cable in the new room to one of the LAN ports. Unless I am missing something?
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Re: Moving Modem and Router

You can move modem and  the router to the AV room no doubt

Once they are moved to the AV room make sure you have that long Ethernet cable running from the router to  the computer if  there is long distance between the router and the computer if there isn't any long distance then simply connect a com to the router with the Ethernet cable ...that should help you.