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My Cisco E1000 wont connect to the internet HELP

I recently bought a new router but I'm having issues with it. We have 2 Laptops in our house and 1 (windows 7) can connect to the router and get internet access but the other (windows vista) can't it says that the Cisco router is not connected to the internet but it is. I've tried everything, resetting, reprogramming, etc. I recently found that the windows 7 one had the software installed and the windows vista didn't. What I need is to get that software but I need to know which version to get. How do I know which version of the software goes with my computer?



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Re: My Cisco E1000 wont connect to the internet HELP

You informed that you have two laptops... Are they running on wireless connection? Then in that case you need not have to install the Cisco Connect Software separately in that Vista Laptop...

Just you need to follow these steps..

# First, go to "Start Menu" -> "Control Panel" -> "Network and Internet".

# Now... go to "Network and Sharing Center" and select "Connect to a network"...

# Choose "Show All" and hit the refresh button. If you find active network connections, select the one you want, click on “Connect" and don't forget to check the option that says "Start this connection automatically". If you check this option, Windows Vista will connect automatically to the selected network every time you log in...

# It will ask for the password for the wireless network if is secured and then connect...

Hope this will help you in connecting the wireless network...