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My Network Doesn't Show up Anymore.



I have a linksys E3200.  Today I got disconnected and when it reconnected it stated that the network was changed to just network and not my usual network name.  I was having connection issues with the network disconnecting me and reconnecting me.  I uninstalled the cisco connect software.  I contacted support who told me to restart the router and modem, which I did.  After reset I tried to reinstall the software.  Cisco Connect likes to insist to do the installation wirelessly but my laptop can't find the router during installation to complete it.  My router is essentially a glorified wire connecting my computer to my modem now.  Any help would be most welcome seeing as how this would be the second router I replace in less than a year.  Thanks.

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Re: My Network Doesn't Show up Anymore.

Hi Ravenmane, let's try it this way don't run the disk. Go to, key in admin for the password and skip the username. Click on the Wireless tab, change the network name(ssid) to your preferred name, save it.


Now to enable security, click on Wireless Security. Select WPA2, create your key. Save it. Next, try to connect wirelessly and when asked for the password, type the key you just created.

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Re: My Network Doesn't Show up Anymore.

If you really need Cisco Connect, disable the wireless card on your computer and wire it directly to your router before attempting to set up.


If you think you can go without Cisco Connect, just put away the CD and configure your router manually. Instructions here: