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Need Major wireless help!

OK I have had Linksys wireless in my home for years, small issues here and there...but major wireless problems now. My internet(Comcast cable modem) is working great for the 2 computers (imac OS Lion, and Windows XP PC) that I have WIRED to the router. The trouble I am having is with the wireless. I had trouble last week that I couldn't get my iphone 4 to "join" my home network. I unplugged everything and started from scratch. I re-installed the Cisco Linksys WRT160N V3 router software. I took this opportunity to rename  and change my network password. After about 6 hours of work it was working! I was able to connect wirelessly to my iphone, my printer, 2 Tivo's, PS3, Wii, Smart TV....signal was good, everything updated. Now we lost power for 24 hours. I seem to be back to the same place. My tivo's will only find my neighbors wireless, not mine. My phone will just spin and spin and never connect to the internet, or tell me it can't "join". My wired connections are great, but sometimes my wirless connections see the network and can't join, other times they don't even see it at all...HELP!!

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Re: Need Major wireless help!

Make sure the router is on the latest firmware version.  If not upgrade it.  Now hard reset the router by holding the reset button for 30 seconds and release.  Wait 10 seconds and power cycle the router.  Connect via wired computer to username blank, password 'admin'.  Now reconfigure the router back to normal.