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Re: Need Pro Recommendation on Campground Wireless Install

GV, ill concider doing that in the future but honestly im about over with this forum.
Forest, an all in one router will not do what you are looking to do, except broadcast from that one single location.  3rd party firmware may onlock it to act as a wireless bridge but you will lose data rate.
If I was in your position, I would first look at running fiber the 2000' to where I wanted my center to be and then from there look at broadcasting out. 
the cost of fiber vs the cost of two ap's and antennas will probably come out to be about the same...labor may be more with fiber but it will ensure your data rate you want and is stable until a branch falls on it or a critter chews through it.
I wish you goodluck. please let us know what the outcome is whatever you decide to do.