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No internet light on WRT54G

My aunt bought this router in January and i set it up at her home. It worked fine for 6 weeks and then one day it stopped working and she could not connect to internet. I tried to fix it but couldnt so i installed a d-link router and hers now works fine. I brought the Linksys router home and tried to hook it up here. I allready have a router here and i unplugged it and tried to use the linksys. It does not work. The problem is the "internet " light on my modem and the "internet" light on the router do not light up . When i use my regular router the internet light on the modem lights up and when i plug the ethernet cable straight to the laptop it lights up but when i plug it into the Linksys it does not light up. i updated the firmware but no help. As i follow the set up instructions this is the step i get to and according to the instructions the "internet" light should light up when i plug in the cable from router to laptop. i have tried numerous cables . please help , thanks.
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Re: No internet light on WRT54G

To test the port connect computer to internet port, or some port from 1,2,3,4 to internet port and check if it lits. If yes, then try to change the type of cable you use to connect modem to internet port. Use cross if you tried straight, and use straight if you tried cross.
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Re: No internet light on WRT54G

what happen if no light after test the port