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Not able to get IP address for my wireless netbook

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We have 3 wireless computers using our home wireless linksys router WRT400N. I just got a new wireless netbook and I am able to access my neighbors weak unsecured wireless router and get online but when I connect to my home secured wireless router, it detects the good signal and trys to connect but can't establish an IP address. What do I do??? Pls help. TY. 

My other computers are connecting to the internet wirelessly and doing fine.

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Re: Not able to get IP address for my wireless netbook

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Once you are connected to the wireless network then,check the ip address on that computer under wireless network connection.To check the ip address,go to command prompt and type "ipconfig" and hit enter.Post the information next time.


Also try to change the Wireless Channel on the router to 11-2.462GHz or 3-2.422GHz and check if that make any difference.


Also,Disable all the security firewall and anti-virus on your computer and check.