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PC Tablet

I have just purchased a PC Tablet, but cannot add it to my network on my WRT160N Router.

All I get is "Authenticating" then "Authenticating problem". Why does this happen?

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Re: PC Tablet

The first thing you need to do is to make sure to check your tablet PC was able to connect to other wireless network. Second thing to do is to check if there are other wireless devices that were able to connect to your wireless router. Third thing to do is to check the wireless settings set on your wireless router. Try to play around with the router’s wireless channel using this tool: and then select the best channel. You might also need to change the wireless security set of your router to either wpa-personal/ AES (encryption) OR wpa2-personal/AES (encryption) because the tablet PC might be having problems connecting to a higher level of security. Lastly, check if the router’s wireless filter was enabled because the tablet PC will surely not connect to that router if that is enabled.