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PSP, router, and modem issues with Remote Play

Verizon DSL
Westell 6100 modem
WRK54G router
I haven't seen a post on this topic yet, so I'll explain the issue.  The Playstation 3 is networkable either through a wired ethernet or wireless connection.  The Playstation Portable is also networkable over wifi.  The PSP has always worked at hot spots for web surfing and gaming.  With the release of the PS3, there was a new feature called Remote Play, which let you connect your PSP to your PS3 and stream the PS3 interface.  You can manipulate the options, watch videos and listen to music, just like you are at the controls of the PS3.  The PS3 has to be put in "remote play" mode for this to work.
Last week, Sony released an update that made this functionality work over the internet.  For most people this worked just fine.  Others had to open ports here or there, but there is a group of users that cannot connect from a hot spot, but can connect over the internet at home.  The original remote play connection (before the update) was a direct connection between the PS3 and PSP.  Now you can connect through your router at home (scan for your router and connect that way).  This connection works since the PS3 and PSP are both connected to the same router in your home.  When you go to a hotspot, you can get all the way up to the point that the PS3 streamed screen should start, but it times out.
This is taken directly from the PS3 owner's manual:
"If the PS3 system is connected to the Internet via two or more routers, communication may not work correctly."
It seems like internet connection from a hot spot doesn't work because the request for the PS3 gets lost between two routers when it gets to my home network.
Finally to my question.  It seems like my Westell 6100 is functioning as a router, as is my WRK54G.  When i look at my modem's settings, it is set up as a bridge protocol in routed bridge mode.  Everything else I try makes me lose my internet connection.
Anybody know what I'm talking about or have any suggestions?
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Re: PSP, router, and modem issues with Remote Play

well...i believe you need to configure the modem in a complete bridge mode so that it stops working as a router and works in a normal modem mode ..
also , check whether the PS3 works fine when connected directly to the modem itself ..
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Re: PSP, router, and modem issues with Remote Play

A lot of PS3/PSP owners are having this issue with Remote Play. I have a WRT350N and have been through Sony forum as well as this one to know about all setups from port forwarding to giving your PS3 a static IP and placing in DMZ. I can say I had success connected via or public wi-fi but I also noticed how unstable Remote Play is. There will be times you can connect to it but if you turn your PS3 completely off (not standby) and back on you will pretty much need to setup your PSP again with the PS3 for Remote Play. The problem itself lies more with Sony and not our modem and routers except that fact that you do have to make some minor changes like disable UPnP, forward ports and etc. I own the Sony LocationFree Player which uses a similiar function like Remote Play but instead gives you control over your cable tv remotely anywhere on laptop or psp. LocationFree never failed me since day one because Sony created a DDNS for it which worked for me no matter who my carrier was or what router I have used over the years. Remote Play was introduced later for PS3 which pretty much like LocationFree but Sony doesn't provide a DDNS for it, instead we have to go through all the crazy configurations which is never stable. However you can register for a DDNS at and configure your router with it which I have done before and found it to be very stable. No matter what Sony still needs to address the issue with the PS3 communication for Remote Play. You can find a lot of info here for setting up DDNS and as for Remote Play your better off going to the Playstation Forums. Good Luck!



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Re: PSP, router, and modem issues with Remote Play

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Im not having any problems with my router(WRT106N) and remote play. But my problem is with the Playstation Home. Everytime I get on and error message pops up. It will pop up randomly at different times and it gets really annoying. Ive put a lot of PSN Money into PS Home and now it dont work, how do I resolve this?!




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Re: PSP, router, and modem issues with Remote Play

I do not have a PS3