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Password and SSID change

I'm having trouble changing the SSID and the Encryption key on my router I have read other threads but apparently I am not as computer savvy as I thought I was. Could I have a complete walk through for a novice with little to no knowledge of internet routing? Thanks
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Re: Password and SSID change

Log on to your router and go to wireless.
Set mode to Mixed
Change SSID to something other than Linksys.
Click on Save
Go to Wireless Security
Set Mode to WPA2 Personal.
Set Algorithms to TKIP+AES.
Set Passphrase in WPA Shared key
Click on Save.
Write down information for Wireless Security and SSID
Close page
Click on Wireless Connection on your computer then view wireless network
Your Network SSID should show up as ? Secured Network.
Click on Connect
When it ask for the key, input your Passphrase.  If it doesn't connect you will have to right click on the network name and input the info under wireless security.
Try to connect.
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Re: Password and SSID change

Open Browser page.......In the address bar type -
Leave username blank & in password use adminClick on the Wireless tab on the Setup page- Here Wireless Network mode
should be mixed- Provide any non linksys network name ....
Name (SSID) box- Set wireless channel to 11- And wireless SSID
broadcast should be Enabled and then click on "Save Settings" >>Now
Click on the Sub tab under wireless > "Wireless Security" Change the
Wireless security mode to "WEP/WPA"...have a note of the key ... click save settings ...