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Poor connection speed and intermittent drops with WRT160Nv2

In January 2009 I purchased a Linksys WRT160N v2.  At the time I did not have any wireless devices to connect to it other than a Nintendo Wii which has no problems.  In July I purchased a Dell Laptop with an Intel 5100 AGN wireless card and have since had trouble getting consistent speed on my wireless connection.
Around the first of November I upgraded the firmware on my router to v2.0.03 and installed the latest Intel 5100 driver available from Dell.
On November 3rd I participated in a web chat session with Linksys Support and was able to increase my connection speed to 121Mbps.  This was short-lived however. 
On November 24th I sent an email similar to this post to both Linksys Support and Intel support and have not received a response back from either as of yet.
On 12/5/2009, after reading similar posts in the support forums, I followed some tips suggested by forum users:
1) I hard reset the router by holding the reset button in for between 30 and 60 seconds.
2) I hard power cycled the router by unplugging it for bewteen 30 and 60 seconds.
3) I selected manual wireless configuration and assigned a unique SSID.
4) I selected WPA2-Personal security and assigned a 9-character password.
5) I set Radio Band Frequency to "Standard 20 MHz" and the channel to 11.
6) Beacon Interval to 50
7) Frag and RTS Thresholds to 2304.
8) MTU to 1350.
9) Power cycled the router and restored a few settings that were lost.
10) Connected the laptop on wireless.
The laptop was in the same room as the router, about 10 feet away unobstructed.  There was full signal strength, but the connection speed would fluctuate between 43Mbps and 72Mbps.  There are no other devices besides the laptop connected on the wireless, and only 2 desktops on wired connections.
Detectable by my laptop are only 5 other WPA2 networks, 3 WEP, and 2 unsecured.  None of them are close enough to have signal strength of more than 3 bars.
We are giving our son a netbook for Christmas and I hope to have resolved all of these issues before then. 
What other settings changes can be made to increase my connection speed over 100Mbps and stop the intermittent signal drops??
Additional Details:
Laptop:  Dell Inspiron 1545 (A10 BIOS)
Operating System:  Windows 7 Home Premium x64
Router:  Linksys by Cisco WRT160Nv2 Firmware Version: v2.0.03
Wireless Card:  Intel WiFi Link AGN 5100 
Dell / Intel Driver:  Version (5/14/2009)
Any help is very much appreciated!
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Re: Poor connection speed and intermittent drops with WRT160Nv2

Downgrade your routers firmware to the last known working version by going here.  Now give it a try.
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Re: Poor connection speed and intermittent drops with WRT160Nv2

Thanks for the suggestion. 

I'll give that a try tonight or tomorrow. 


So is this to imply that the 2.0.03 firmware released in July 2009 still has the same issues as the previous 2.0.02 versions?  Rolling back to 2.0.02 build 8 from 2.0.03 build 7 will effectively undo 31 fixes. 

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Re: Poor connection speed and intermittent drops with WRT160Nv2

Well, no dice. 

I downgraded the firmware to 2.0.02 build 8 and reset the router.  I restored my settings and reconnected the laptop at a near-steady 65Mbps.


I changed the Beacon Interval to 75, the Fragmentation Threshold to 2304 and changed the RTS Threshold to 2307 as Carrot suggested in post 129956.  The speed jumped to 144Mbps as soon as the settings were saved, but quickly dropped back to a steady 65Mbps.


I'll leave it on this build at least for today and see if it eliminates the connection drops, but as far as I can tell the speed of the connection is no better on the August 2008 build than the July 2009 build.


Is the speed a limitation of the WPA2?  I have tried other security settings to no avail.  I am open to other suggestions... anyone have any good ideas?


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Re: Poor connection speed and intermittent drops with WRT160Nv2

Do not restore the back file on the router...Reset the router and configure all the settings manually from scratch..Uncheck "Filter Anonymous Internet Requests" under Security tab.Under the Wireless tab,change the Network Mode to Wireless N-only.Under the Advanced Wireless Settings,Disable Frame Burst,Change the N Capture(wlanadv.transrate)Transmission Rate to 15-130Mbps.Beacon Interval to 50, the Fragmentation Threshold to 2200,RTS Threshold to 2200 and click on save settings..Now,power cycle the router and check..
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Re: Poor connection speed and intermittent drops with WRT160Nv2

Thanks ridcully,

I'll give that a try tonight.  Won't Wireless-N Only mode on this router prevent my wireless-G devices (like the Wii) from connecting?

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Re: Poor connection speed and intermittent drops with WRT160Nv2

If you have the G device then,leave the Network Mode in "Mixed" mode.Also do not change the N-Transmission Rate under Advance Wireless Settings.
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Re: Poor connection speed and intermittent drops with WRT160Nv2

Well, not quite fixed....


First I removed all of the stored wireless connections on the laptop. 


I still have the old firmware installed.

I reset the router to factory settings and made the following manual configuration changes:

  1. Set the proper Time Zone on the Setup page. 
  2. Set the router password on the Administration page.
  3. Set the MAC Address Clone under Setup (to connect to my ISP).
  4. Unchecked "Filter Anonymous Internet Requests" on the Security Page.
  5. Set the Wireless Configuration to Manual on the Basic Wireless Settings.
  6. Entered an SSID other than "linksys".
  7. I think the Radio Band was already set at "Standard - 20MHz", if not I changed it to that.
  8. Changed the Standard Channel to "11 - 2.462GHz".
  9. Set Security mode to WPA2 - Personal on the Wireless Security page.
  10. Set encryption mode to AES with an alphanumeric passkey of 9 characters.
  11. On the Advanced Wireless Settings, set the beacon interval to 50, Fragmentation & RTS Thresholds to 2200.

I power cycled the router and manually added the wireless connection on the laptop.  It connected at 65 Mbps.


I then installed the latest Dell BIOS upgrade, and after reboot the wireless connected at 65 Mbps.


I then downloaded and installed the latest Intel Drivers and ProSet from Intel.  The wireless reconnected at 65 Mbps.


I changed the MTU on the setup page to 1350, and the wireless connection is still 65 Mbps.


I'm glad it has a stable connection at faster than 56 Mbps, but I'm beginning to think I have a lemon.




I have kept the connection status window on the laptop open while typing this response and I have noticed the speed is now fluctuating up to 144 Mbps, but also down as low as 52 Mbps.  I still spends most of the time at 65 Mbps.  I'm hesitant to call this fixed.


I have a netbook arriving next week with an 802.11n card in it.  I will put this troubleshooting on hold until that device arrives and I can see how the connection is with that device.


Thanks for your help.

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Re: Poor connection speed and intermittent drops with WRT160Nv2

How to solve your Linksys router problem:


1. Unplug the router's power cable

2. Unplug all cables connected to the router

3. Pick the router up carefully, go to nearest trash can. Drop it in.

4. Drive to nearest office supply store. Buy a different brand of router.

5. Install the new router per the manufactuer's instructions.

6. Lastly, email 10 of your friends. Warn them never to buy a Linksys router. Ever. Tell them to warn 10 of their friends, and so on. This is one chain email that will actually do some good.

7. Do step #6 quickly, before Linksys deletes this post.

8. Enjoy your new, working-perfectly network router.

9. You're welcome.



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Re: Poor connection speed and intermittent drops with WRT160Nv2

Despite Jack's professional suggestion (which begs the question, why take time to author a post in a Linksys support forum if you don't want to have anything to do with Linksys?), I am still attempting to troubleshoot this issue. 


My son received an Asus Netbook for Christmas.  It has an Atheros AR9285 Wireless Adapter capable of 802.11n.  It also (big surprise) connects at 65 Mbps to my wireless network.


The router is still configured as stated in the previous post, but now there are 5 devices connected to it (not all simultaneously) so I must leave it in mixed mode:

  1. Dell Laptop
  2. Asus Netbook
  3. Lexmark Wireless Printer
  4. Nintendo Wii
  5. Nintendo DSi

I will once again try to contact Support directly and perhaps reload the July 2009 firmware.