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Port Forwarding on a WRT120N

I am trying to install and use EchoLink on my pc's and they require port forwarding for 5198-5200 but I'm having trouble with the
To IP Address" as I don't know what # to use.  It says I can't use since it's the same as the LAN IP address so what do I use?  I am trying to follow the instructions on   If I leave it just as 192.168.1. it won't accept it and if I use any other number, it accepts it but I still can't get through.



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Re: Port Forwarding on a WRT120N

You actually cannot use because it is the default ip address of your router. You can use between 100-154 (example: to You can set for your Echolink. You can refer to the links below:


Setting up single Port Forwarding on a Linksys wireless-N router

Setting up port range forwarding on Linksys wireless-N routers and gateways

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Re: Port Forwarding on a WRT120N

So, even though the Echolink is software on my pc and laptop, I can set it up with it's own IP address vs having to use the IP address of the individual computer that I'm using the software on??

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Re: Port Forwarding on a WRT120N

The reason for that it's because you will not be able to open a port if you will not assign a fix ip address on the device where the software was installed(in this case your computer). For you to be able to assign a fix ip address you can either assigned a static ip address on your computer(w/static DNS server) or enable DHCP reservation on your router.