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Power LED flashing on WRT160N Router (a.k.a. dead router)



Recently I unplugged my WRT160N from power, and when I plugged back it became dead. All I get is flashing power LED, no network, no DHCP, nothing.


While investigating the options how to re-animate my routerfound easy solution for power LED flashing issue and how to fix it.


When power LED is flashing it means that router cannot boot from Firmware, either because firmware is corrupted or wrong firmware was uploaded before. In any case router still accepting anonymous TFTP connections from local ports.


Just follow these steps to re-program firmware and everything should be OK:


1. Download good firmware file on your local disk C: (e.g. C:\firmware.bin)

2. Connect your computer to port # 1 of your router (LED # 1 should be ON)

3. Change IP address of your NIC to and subnet mask

4. Type following command: tftp -i PUT C:\firmware.bin

5. Wait 2-3 minutes for router to flush new firmware and restart it


I just did this for my router and it worked great!


Hope you can save money and re-animate your router quickly.

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Re: Power LED flashing on WRT160N Router (a.k.a. dead router)

thank you! for some reason it failed when i tried to flash it (i did it from a wired machine, not sure why it failed...) and i was able to bring it back to life with this method. not sure if this info is in the manual or what but thanks!
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Re: Power LED flashing on WRT160N Router (a.k.a. dead router)



Thank you for posting this solution, however it didn't work on my WRT160N V2.


I got mine in January of 2009. Everything was working fine. Then I saw that there was a firmware upgrade available on Linksys' website. So i downloaded new firmware. Logged into my  router, went through firmware upgrade screen and then...IT CRASHED!!! Got an error screen. So, i waited, rebooted and got the flashing LED power light and nothing else.


I did go through all your  steps that you've listed here, and still nothing. My power LED light is still flashing.


Can  someone help how to fix that problem or is the router officially dead?


Thank you in advance. 

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Re: Power LED flashing on WRT160N Router (a.k.a. dead router)

DITTO.  Same box and same scenario as the previous post. Lots of good advice, but all of the solutions assume that the router will respond to a ping. Not so in my case. According to Linksys, the flashing power LED indicates corrupt firmware which is logical, but it also must mean something else. I'm not sure I understand how a firmware upgrade can crash the box to the point where a reset won't at least let the device repond to a ping and then proceed with the procedures so expertly outlined above. Any ideas? Is there a back door?